5 things every Android app developer must know

By : Developers of VIT Slate

1. Libraries:
Well, the whole developer community will agree that without libraries our life would have been hell. But when it comes to using them, you have to customize the functionalities which the library gives you.
I agree that the documentation with which a library comes is good. Still, using them will be an effort saving another effort.
While developing VIT Slate, the greatest library that I came across is CardsLibrary [verify the name] by Gabriel. It was easy to customize but there were some libraries which literally gave me real pain !!!

2. Hardcoding:
We just don’t hard code! Android comes in all shapes and sizes and that’s the reason never hard code any dimension for a UI element.
I hard coded an image’s dimensions in VIT Slate and someone came and asked me why is this pic in team section so small. And I was saying to him, “Can you please move, I want to hit my head against the wall because I hard coded.” 

3. Be updated:
Now that android marshmallow is out, I must compile a latest version of VIT Slate and put it asap to the play store. Android app devs should be updated with whatever’s going on in the world of android. What’s new? And what’s deprecated? Must be kept in mind.

A well designed app has high chances of acceptance from users. It gets a good user rating and reviews. It should be seamless and should engage user such that the user visit the app again and again.
If you are thinking design is how your UI looks then you still have to work upon your design thinking :)
While developing Slate we’ve thought to keep design as simple as we can. Being simple is tough, isn’t it? The most challenging part was to decide the colors that we are going to use. Believe me it took us two whole days to reach at a combination of three colors to be kept as a basic theme for Slate.

5. Maintain your cool and be persistent:
Developing an android app can be a tedious task. It involves hardwork. You need to be patient to put an elegant application on play store.
Still your job isn’t over, even after your application reaches play store, real work starts then. Believe me there will be bugs, bugs you won’t even know were existing!

I must praise and admit my friend and the man behind VIT Slate, Kunal, had shown a high degree of enthusiasm to learn about programming world.

P.S: For being good at android app development, there are some more points which I feel are necessary. Be open to learn and adapt. Be ready to change and make changes. Good command at java and how to use stackoverflow will help. :P

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