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Extract songs from Saavn app

Extract songs permanently in saavn android app(for non root user) 
Bad engineering that leads to loss for saavn, the famous music streaming application on android smartphones.
I write this by assuming that saavn only allows you to download in offline mode within application and you lose the songs if you happen to lose the pro membership. Without pro membership, you can only stream the songs but not save them in offline mode, means every time you must use your valuable data. Whereas, by storing on sd card the songs will be permanently available to you even if you uninstall app or you happen to lose the pro membership which allows you to save songs in offline mode within saavn’s android application.
Now I exploit this bad engineering from saavn’s engineers and tell you how can you extract songs from saavn’s offline mode to your sd card.
Note that this will violate the usage policy(I assume) and you should not do this on android smartphones. I only provide this to show you, how not to make …

Love Thyself: Find your Self-Worth

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"                                                                                     - Oscar WildeDo you wake up every morning wondering how you have wasted all these years of your life? How you have achieved nothing and you are nowhere close to your passion or dreams? If yes! Then my friend you suffering from a low self -worth syndrome. Not just you but a majority of people underestimate their potential and worth. People are usually dependent on others to validate their potential and worth; they just don’t have enough confidence and faith in themselves. And it is a very very dangerous phenomenon; it can ruin one’s life.
The problem lies in the whole notion of being worthy, we usually end up setting an idealistic goal for us, achieving which becomes synonym of being tagged as worthy and when we fail to do that we feel we are worthless and cannot do anything in this world. This is a false notion, we are born on this beaut…

Scientific journey of Afterlife.

Since the beginning of understanding of the world around us, we humans have been stuck at two basic questions.Two questions that question our existence. First is : "What was there before the Big Bang ?". And if you noticed I used word "there" in the question.This leads us to the second question, which is : "What did the small dot exploded into ?". Now here I assume that you know that there was a small dot, probably trillion of degrees hot, which exploded to form our universe. And by the time you finished reading the last sentence a large part of universe was already created at that time.Speaking of time, some scientists believe that time started its own journey only after the Big Bang.

Maybe the small dot of space-time intersection was preparing for the long journey and as soon the dot solved the complex question given to it by God, it exploded out of excitement. Who knows , Lol ?
Coming back to the Question, think like this : I am writing this awful and si…

Le chal : The bluetooth Shoes

Continuing my quest to find more humane technologies I ended up with the "bluetooth shoes".We know for a fact that more than  285 million people across the globe suffer from some kind of visual impairment. Yet the tools to assist the blind in walking have changed little since the 1920's, when their canes started being painted white to make other pedestrians more aware of their presence. The gizmos that do exist have tended to be expensive and clunky, and have not caught on. This may change if Anirudh Sharma, a 24-year-old computer engineer from Hyderabad, a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, has his way.
His innovation, dubbed “Le Chal” ("take me along" in Hindi) pairs a smartphone app with a small actuator sewn inside the sole of one shoe via Bluetooth. The user tells the phone his desired destination, which is translated into electronic commands using voice-recognition software. The app, which can be programmed to run in the background, fetches the lo…

Understanding Generation Gap

Out of all the relationships we have, all the people we meet in our life, the closely knit group of Family is an irreplaceable association we have.  The special bond shared between parent-child is the most beautiful bond based on nurture, self-less love and care.  But this is relationship that sees the most ups and downs in our entire journey. Generation Gap is that one facet which has the capability of ruining this precious bond that hence it is very important for us to sit down and have a talk about this with our parents and raise these issues which have the potential of harming this special bond.

The most debatable topic between our parents and us is about the ethics and values, because according to them we are shallow people with no morals but we need to make them understand this isn't true, we have a total different set of perceptions, ethics and with the time, all these things change and we don’t crib about all this all the time and expect them to change completely for us the…

What future beholds for Humanity : Bionic Eyes

In this age of technology, it is suffice to say humans can achieve almost anything. We have in fact superseded our own expectations. Every now and then we hear about new inventions that we think are unbelievable. As a tech enthusiast I often surf the net to keep myself updated. Often what I find is that our research and development gets too one dimensional. Particularly, a field which I feel the world is too obsessed with is arms and defense. Study shows about 1.2 trillion dollars of money is invested in this field every year in comparison to a mere 100 million on Research and Development . In a world where millions of people suffer from various impairment every year, I was shocked to see this huge disproportion , So I decided to dig a little deep and find what have we actually done to make human life better rather than threatening it with nuclear bombs . While doing so, something that got my attention was the prosthetic technology of "bionic eyes".

This device basically a …

India’s daughter- Is ban the ultimate solution?

The release of the BBC Documentary titled “India’s Daughter”, directed by Leslee Udwin of the United Kingdom has sparked a fresh debate in our nation. This 59 minutes documentary was made to get an insight of why men rape. It was supposed to release on March 8th; International Women’s Day but was released on March 5th and was banned by I&B Ministry within two hours of its release.

Now the question here arises why was it banned even though Nirbhaya’s parents had given the consent for the documentary to be aired? The Indian Government wants to ban the viewing of this documentary because it believes that it is unnecessarily glorifying the rapists and is an attack on India. All this because a foreigner has again dug deep and shown the real plight of Indians. An outsider has unveiled the worst face of Incredible India and our government wants to cover all this up and suppress any further upheaval.
To this Javed Akhtar had rightly retorted, “It is like saying that we should not show the a…

The CBSE Maths Exam Disaster

The class 12 students appearing for CBSE boards this year have been in an uproar since the maths board exam. This exam held on 18th march, 2015 came as a shock to the students across the nation. This exam comprised mainly of HOT (high order thinking) questions about which they were not intimated beforehand. A majority of the student community left the examination hall dissatisfied. Students felt that no amount of hard work or good luck could have prepared them for this disastrous paper pattern.

Students felt if they had been notified of this a year ago with proper sample papers and the teachers have been briefed on how to change their teaching pattern to match the new pattern then no doubt they all would have excelled. Education system that set papers that require application should also teach them in the same manner. Students are enraged that on one hand they forced to appear for such difficult papers and on the other the cut offs of the top universities and colleges will be same as l…

The Stolen Thunder: Indian Women Hockey team makes the nation proud

Switch on the radio, TV or surf through the internet all your eyes will catch is stories about the Indian Cricket team, glorifying each and every match they played, every run they made and every wicket they took. All sorts of slogans from “Bleed Blue” to “We won’t give it back” and the latest and most adored “mauka mauka” advertisements are published and seen everywhere.
But unfortunately nobody is talking about the spectacular victory of Indian Women Hockey Team at Hero FIH Women’s Hockey World League Round by giving Poland a thrashing defeat of 3-1. Their thunder has been stolen and the media is always stealing their thunder and giving it to our cricketers.  The Women’s Hockey Team made our nation so proud and no one even heard about it. Our team was dominant throughout the tournament and played exceedingly well. They scored 39 goals and conceded only 1. However there were no celebrations, crackers bursting on media coverage at this event. The news was headlines at some news channels…

Capturing the Perfect Picture

This world is full of one category of people – the photographers. These days photography is the most trending event, everybody is busy portraying themselves as great photographers with their DSLR and of course posting all the pictures on their fb photography page. Well I have been recently invited by over 50 of my friends to like their photography pages on Facebook and out of nowhere a lot of them call themselves “Professionals”. Like do you even know what it means? But that isn't my concern, what I feel is we are so damn busy in this world capturing the perfect pictures that we tend to miss living and experiencing those moments in reality.

With all these new apps and social networking sites most of the people are busy uploading the recent pictures of what they were doing than actually witnessing it. Snapchat stories have become an integral part of many lives and life without Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is beyond imagination for majority. I am not asking you to cut off the sour…

Holi Hooligans

Holi one of the most awaited festivals, the festival of colours, happiness and prosperity is here. Everything about the festival is adored, the colours, the sweets, the “bhang wali masti” and definitely my favourite part water balloons. Earlier we used to celebrate this amazing festival in a close knit surrounding of friends and family but now time has changed everything and the level of the festival has also deteriorated.

Apparently, due to a handful of mongers or should I use more sophisticated version of language and say some creepy men the festival has been reduced to an opportunity for eve- teasing, molesting and lechery. Some of the creeps of the society feel Holi is the only opportunity to get close to a girl and just get away with the evergreen dialogue, “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai”. Every time during Holi you must have noticed a lot of such incidents but have become oblivion to all this so that it doesn’t hamper the festivity around you. People are afraid to step out of their hom…

Freedom Of Expression

Have you ever thought about how is that some of your ideas and views are perfectly fine to express and others are censored? Especially after the much hyped AIB Knockout controversy didn't it ever haunt you that who decides what is to be censored and what not? There is a difficulty in determining how the right to freedom of expression is to be exercised.

We are free to express ourselves but in a certain decent, moral and polite manner which is not offensive and abusive to any other group. There is a very thin line between satire and sadism. When you mock at someone who is very vulnerable, depressed, poor or sick then it is not a funny thing, it is not something you should laugh about and be satirical about, it is sadism. Does it not make you wonder that just for the sake of exercising your right you are not supposed to hurt anyone else’s feelings and sentiments? There are various adverse effects of Freedom of Expressions, because of freedom of expression on one level we can have dif…

Be Yourself

" Don't try too hard to fit in when you are born to stand out"
                                                                                  - Anonymous Have you ever noticed your daily routine carefully? Did it ever occur to you that there are so many things that we keep doing everyday religiously just out of obligation and not because we really want to do those things? We are trying to cater the needs of the society , trying so hard to fit in the already accepted moulds that our society have prescribed even if it means not being ourselves, not being true to ourselves, but we keep doing it and keep trying harder and harder to fit in. We are doing all the possible things we could to make others happy and admire us, without realizing that we are paying the most precious thing for it, our own happiness. Doing things to please others at the cost of our own happiness, is it what life is all about? Is it even worth it?

It is like a vicious circle we all our trapped in. A vi…