What future beholds for Humanity : Bionic Eyes

In this age of technology, it is suffice to say humans can achieve almost anything. We have in fact superseded our own expectations. Every now and then we hear about new inventions that we think are unbelievable. As a tech enthusiast I often surf the net to keep myself updated. Often what I find is that our research and development gets too one dimensional. Particularly, a field which I feel the world is too obsessed with is arms and defense. Study shows about 1.2 trillion dollars of money is invested in this field every year in comparison to a mere 100 million on Research and Development . In a world where millions of people suffer from various impairment every year, I was shocked to see this huge disproportion , So I decided to dig a little deep and find what have we actually done to make human life better rather than threatening it with nuclear bombs . While doing so, something that got my attention was the prosthetic technology of "bionic eyes".

This device basically a photosensitive chip based system which can restore the vision where a person is no longer legally blind. The apparatus of this device has two parts first is a a pair of glasses second is a set of photosensitive chips. The specks use a small camera to capture the scene the wearer is looking at which is then beamed through the retina where the chips are placed creating an image of the surroundings.
Still in its testing phase, this device is intended for clinical trials on people within a year. If these trials are conducted successfully this could lead to a major breakthrough in the field of visual impairment..
       Bionic Eye Device           

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