Be Yourself

" Don't try too hard to fit in when you are born to stand out"
                                                                                  - Anonymous 
Have you ever noticed your daily routine carefully? Did it ever occur to you that there are so many things that we keep doing everyday religiously just out of obligation and not because we really want to do those things? We are trying to cater the needs of the society , trying so hard to fit in the already accepted moulds that our society have prescribed even if it means not being ourselves, not being true to ourselves, but we keep doing it and keep trying harder and harder to fit in. We are doing all the possible things we could to make others happy and admire us, without realizing that we are paying the most precious thing for it, our own happiness. Doing things to please others at the cost of our own happiness, is it what life is all about? Is it even worth it?

It is like a vicious circle we all our trapped in. A vicious circle of “Log Kya Kahenge”. We are more worried about a third person’s opinion about us than our own. We are more worried that if one day we stop following what we are “supposed to” people will think we are self- absorbed, self-obsessed, selfish beings and we are too scared to face this scenario. We will we that day reminded of the human social contract which is being going on since time immemorial and of course, for us a third person’s ideology is much more valuable than our owns.

Open your eyes and see what you are doing, take a pause and watch your actions for a moment. Do your actions even make sense to you? Is this what you really aimed for in your life? If the answer is No, then my friend it’s time to let go and free yourself from all these obligations and boundaries. You don’t have to take the burden of the entire universe on your shoulders. Do what makes you happy, stop sacrificing your happiness for a third person’s opinion; it isn't a wise thing to do. Take in charge of your life at this very moment.

It may not sound very good to a lot of people that you are living your life for yourself, the way you want to, how ironical. But it will definitely feel good and liberating to you, that from now on-wards, you are the master of your life. No matter what people tell you do, ask you to become and give those extra-long enlightening lectures, at the end of it no one is actually going to come and live your life, nobody cares in reality. There is a big difference between theorizing a lifestyle and practically living it, understand this. It is your life and you will have to deal with the pit falls and ups and downs. So stop victimizing yourself.

Take full responsibility of your life, live according to your will and if someone around you is trying to pull you down then it’s time to let go off that person. Surround yourself with people who let you fly and fall freely not with people who won’t let you be yourself.

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