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Is it so easy to throw away a precious life?

Three recent suicide cases have totally left our nation perplexed and in a state of despair. The twitter comic Akhil Mehta who was an inspiration for many people, a man so full of life that nobody would have ever guessed that he could commit suicide, the young AIIMS doctor, Priya Vedi who was an independent and well educated woman but could find solace only in suicide and lastly Gajendra Singh the farmer who gave away his life in front of thousands of people in a live rally. It makes me wonder is it so easy to throw away a very precious life?

No doubt we live in a world full of problems and annoying people, there are so many things happening around us that we don’t really appreciate of but is ending one’s life the only possible solution to all this. Life has never been fair to anyone but we have to battle our way out and live it to the fullest. Everyone has their own sets of mistakes, regrets and problems. You must be dealing with a lot of stuffs in your life too, but that does not mea…

Stop Stereotyping Men!

Whenever we hear the term ‘Sexism’ and ‘Stereotyping’ we take it for granted that these are being used for women. We tend to think that some crap has been said by some narrow minded misogynist who want to uphold the flag of patriarchy but what we tend to overlook is that it is not always the role or characteristics of a women that are stereotyped but equally sexist things are also used for men to undermine their value and men like women are too victims of the completely rubbish notion of stereotyping.
From a very tender age boys are told to be tough and strong. They are expected to be rational and practical and not display emotions. No matter what hardships come in their lives they are supposed to handle everything perfectly. There is this complete ideology about “Mard ko Dard Nahin Hota”. Is it justified? Just like women, men too are human beings and they too can feel pain and sufferings. It’s time that people accept it. If a boy is too emotional or soft at heart he is teased for bein…

Step into the world of Virtual Reality...

Virtual Reality is one of the trending topics in latest technologies. For those who don't have any idea about VR(Virtual Reality), Google Glass is a rough example. And for those who don't have any idea about Google Glass or Google Cardboard, well, read on. This article will give readers just a basic idea about the technology, which is going to change the whole world in the coming future.

So, what comes to your mind when you hear the word Virtual Reality ? Is it a movie scene of Tron:Legacy, The Matrix, Inception, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over or Ra.One ? Or is it a person wearing a big rectangular box on his eyes ? Or is it Tom Cruise doing this  -->
For a rough idea, imagine yourself playing a computer game, but without a mouse or a keyboard. Here, you are into the game-world as the player, and when you move your head around, you can actually see what's around you.When someone comes to attack you, you defend and in turn kick his ass. Probably that's enough for a rough i…

Save The Internet : A breach of Net's neutrality

The majority of India's Population is still unaware of the Net Neutrality concept. Well it isn’t a tedious thing to understand. Net neutrality in a lay man’s words means that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments should charge the users on the basis of the data they have consumed and not on multiple parameters of the websites they visit, apps they use which is also a breach on their privacy.

If the Net Neutrality is breached then say good bye to all those happy days when you would buy a Rs.35 coupon for one week internet services because that is not going to happen anymore. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed a plan to destroy India’s net neutrality. This breach will not only adversely affect the users but a lot of small internet business setups who will have to pay extra amount of money to acquire preference over other websites and apps. The breach of this policy will affect the overall revenue and production for internet based companies. I…

New Zealand stumbles as Australians win their 5th Cricket World Cup

In one of the most hyped match of the season ,the World Cup Final, it was the Australians who were the outright winners as they clinched their 5th World Cup. A lot was expected as the two host nations went head to head for the ultimate glory. On one side were the undefeated New Zealand playing their first CWC final and one the other were the mighty Aussies. The match looked to be evenly poised as both teams seemed confident on their campaign . The kiwis were already one up against their neighbors in the world cups but were no match to the experience that their opponents had of playing in the world cup finals.Winning the toss New Zealand decided to bat on what seemed to be a good surface. It wasn't the ideal start for the black caps as captain Brendon McCullum was out for a duck. Soon after the wickets of Williamson and Guptill meant that the score was reduced to 3-39.

With the team in situation of bother in came the hero of semi final,Grant Elliot, who along with Ross Taylor added 1…