Stop Stereotyping Men!

Whenever we hear the term ‘Sexism’ and ‘Stereotyping’ we take it for granted that these are being used for women. We tend to think that some crap has been said by some narrow minded misogynist who want to uphold the flag of patriarchy but what we tend to overlook is that it is not always the role or characteristics of a women that are stereotyped but equally sexist things are also used for men to undermine their value and men like women are too victims of the completely rubbish notion of stereotyping.

From a very tender age boys are told to be tough and strong. They are expected to be rational and practical and not display emotions. No matter what hardships come in their lives they are supposed to handle everything perfectly. There is this complete ideology about “Mard ko Dard Nahin Hota”. Is it justified? Just like women, men too are human beings and they too can feel pain and sufferings. It’s time that people accept it. If a boy is too emotional or soft at heart he is teased for being like a girl or now a days often called gay. Can’t men experience the roller coaster of emotions like women, well certainly not in our society because men need to be “manly” all the time?

The domestic sphere is not supposed to be man’s domain and if a man is seen doing household chores then he is frowned upon by the society. Kitchen most importantly is not seen as a space meant for men to be, they are not expected to enter that forbidden area. Instead of appreciating the efforts by the man to work both the spheres, people start questioning the manhood of such men which is utterly stupid.
It is not necessary that all men like sports and other outdoor activities just like not all women like shopping and gossiping, stop generalizing men on this basis.

Then another prevalent notion about men is a cumulative idea of how men are always irresponsible, they don’t care about future and commitments, all they want in life is a fling or casual dating with no responsibility. Seriously? Is it correct to define all the men on the basis of the traits that some of them possess. Just like it is not okay to reduce to all girls as damsel in distress who can’t take care of themselves it is not correct to categorize all men immature and stupid. Because men are capable of much more and there’s a reason behind why all the daughters want their shining knight as their fathers, Yes! They can be mature, responsible and sensitive at the same time.
Crimes is also not a gender based phenomenon, men too at times fall prey to evil intentions and become victims of domestic violence and are raped too!

No real men are not just into alcohol and women, they don’t underestimate a women’s potential. They believe in them, support them and treat them equal to themselves. And just because a man is sensible enough to understand all this does not give rights to anybody to raise finger at his masculinity.

There are numerous other criteria’s causing this stereotyping. Stereotyping and making sexist comments is unfair to both men and women and we should stop doing it Today !

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