Save The Internet : A breach of Net's neutrality

The majority of India's Population is still unaware of the Net Neutrality concept. Well it isn’t a tedious thing to understand. Net neutrality in a lay man’s words means that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments should charge the users on the basis of the data they have consumed and not on multiple parameters of the websites they visit, apps they use which is also a breach on their privacy.

If the Net Neutrality is breached then say good bye to all those happy days when you would buy a Rs.35 coupon for one week internet services because that is not going to happen anymore. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed a plan to destroy India’s net neutrality.
This breach will not only adversely affect the users but a lot of small internet business setups who will have to pay extra amount of money to acquire preference over other websites and apps. The breach of this policy will affect the overall revenue and production for internet based companies. In an in-depth analysis we can also conclude that it will also have negative implications on the voice of our nation because it will affect the online journalism as those online bloggers and writers who had to pay little amount of money now will have to spend a hefty amount after this breach.

Various websites and pages have started different campaigns against this breach. The Logical Indian, a very renowned page of Facebook has started a campaign called ‘Save The Internet’ which is trending on Facebook. They have also released excellent minimalistic posters explaining the importance of net neutrality for a common man. Support their cause by sharing or tweeting with #SaveTheInternet and #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality.
The very popular comedy show All India Bakchod (AIB) has also released a classic and hilarious video expressing their concern on the breach of net neutrality and why we all should be equally concerned about this.
With the increase in rage against this proposal several Bollywood stars and politicians have put their best foot forward to support net neutrality.
The website started an email protest and around 1.5 lakh users have participated in this protest. It is surprisingly great but not enough as out of more than 24 crore net users only these many have replied to TRAI.
After witnessing the overwhelming response of the netizens Flipkart has already taken back their deal with Airtel Zero plan and came forward to support net neutrality.

So guys this is a matter of great concern and we need the support of every internet user. Those people around you who are still unaware of all these happenings tell them and spread the word. Share, Tweet and express your views with #SaveTheInternet, #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality. Also if you haven’t mailed to TRAI yet, do it NOW.

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