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Double-side Nav Drawer

Hello guys, this post will teach you how to add both Left and Right Navigation Drawers in your Android App. You may need one Nav Drawer on the right to give your users a different set of options, not to distract them from the main navigation items on the left.
I have used Android Studio 1.5.1 Build 141.2456560.  So here we go.
1) Navigation Drawer Activity

     When creating a New Project, choose Navigation Drawer Activity. This makes things easy.

If this option is not available, you can the simply choose Blank Activity and later make the project structure similar to Navigation Drawer Activity. See the layout files here.
If you run the app at this point, you will see the Left Nav Drawer.

2)  Navigation Views

    As you can see I have added 2 Navigation Views inside Drawer for left-side and other for right-side. For the Right-side, add android:layout_gravity="end" Other thing you will notice is app:menu.The easiest way to add menu items within the NavDrawer is t…

LiFi :The next gen WiFi

In the world where everything is connected and networked , WiFi has played a pioneering role in redefining the scope of reach ability and networking. No matter where you are, you are always connected, be it Internet or your own LAN. Sharing, uploading , downloading data at several Mbps.
But what if you can achieve all this and much more at 100 times faster rate. YES 100!

That 's exactly what Lifi is. Still in its developing stage, Lifi is a more efficient, faster, possibly more secure version of existing WiFi technology. Tested successfully by company called Velmenni where the results recorded show that the data was transferred at average of 1 Gbps! 100 times more than WiFi. In lab tests, the fastest recorded speed was a unbelievable 224 Gbps !!

Lifi is a subset of OCW (optical wireless communications) and is a complement to RF technology. Put forth by Prof. Harold Haas, Lifi is entirely dependent on light. In simplest terms, it uses light to transfer data  rather than radio wave…