LiFi :The next gen WiFi

In the world where everything is connected and networked , WiFi has played a pioneering role in redefining the scope of reach ability and networking. No matter where you are, you are always connected, be it Internet or your own LAN. Sharing, uploading , downloading data at several Mbps.
But what if you can achieve all this and much more at 100 times faster rate. YES 100!

That 's exactly what Lifi is. Still in its developing stage, Lifi is a more efficient, faster, possibly more secure version of existing WiFi technology. Tested successfully by company called Velmenni where the results recorded show that the data was transferred at average of 1 Gbps! 100 times more than WiFi. In lab tests, the fastest recorded speed was a unbelievable 224 Gbps !!

Lifi is a subset of OCW (optical wireless communications) and is a complement to RF technology. Put forth by Prof. Harold Haas, Lifi is entirely dependent on light. In simplest terms, it uses light to transfer data  rather than radio waves . So all you need is few LED light bulbs following Lifi protocols and photo sensors in your devices to detect and read the in coming light.

Working of  Lifi is pretty simple it uses infrared technology which is similar to that in our TV sets. A internet router is connected to LED bulbs via cables which then transmit the data by using modulating light waves. These waves are then picked by your device which then decodes them. So basically anywhere these bulb project light and your ddevice can sense it, you can use the internet. The only drawback? You have to be in direct contact of the light . Thus unlike wifi it cannot transmit though walls.

But what makes it so promising is the fact that there would be no dead zones as in case of Wifi. Direct contact means it will be harder to hack and energy friendly.
Whats interesting though is the fact that according to Prof. Haas if the sensors used in this case are solar then further development can lead us to wireless charging as well as internet access..

Here is a demonstration of Lifi by Prof..Haas :

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