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#5 Adding Menus

In the previous post, we added the toolbar in our chrome app using Polymer. Today we will be adding four components : Drawer-panel menuOverflow menuToastIcons Add the following to add icons...You can look up here for more icons.
<link rel="import" href="bower_components/core-icons/social-icons.html">
Open "#4 Adding Polymer" post for reference.
Go to the HTML part (inside the Drawer panel) and add the Drawer-panel menu and Icons.

<!--drawer content goes here--> <core-menu theme="core-light-theme" class="drawer-menu"> <core-item label="Explore" icon="explore" style="color: #673ab7;"> </core-item> <core-item label="Surprise" icon="redeem" style="color: #ff5177;"> </core-item> <core-item label="Shop" icon="shopping-cart" style="color: #38acff;"> </core-item> </core-menu> …

#4 Adding Polymer

Now that we know how to create a chrome app, let us add Polymer elements into it and make it look beautiful. In my "#2 Getting Ready" post, I have talked about Bower, remember ? So now open the Folder you set up for the PolyChrome App and do Shift+RightClick mouse button, choose "Open command window here", then follow the steps : -
bower init
This will create a bower.json file and ask you the details for it. Might look like this.

bower install --save Polymer/polymer#^0.5
"--save" will save the dependency of polymer into your bower.json

bower install --save Polymer/core-elements#^0.5

bower install --save Polymer/paper-elements#^0.5

Sometimes it may ask you to find a suitable version (like in the picture above). I prefer to choose 3.
NOTE: It is purely your choice to add the required polymer elements one-by-one or install all at once. Here I have decided to install all the core and paper elements at once (to make adding elements in our HTML easier).

#3 First Chrome App

Hello everyone and in this post we will create a simple "Hello World" Chrome app. First of all , I need you guys to update Google Chrome to the latest version ( mine is Version 44.0.2403.61 beta-m (64-bit) ). You can force this update at Menu -->; About Google Chrome.
Second, we need to check Enable Developer mode at "chrome://extensions/" ( Menu-->; More Tools -->; Extensions ).
When you are done with this, Create a new Folder on Desktop ( say, chromeapp ). Also create a folder named "assets" inside chromeapp. We will be needing this for storing icons, pictures and fonts.

Now open Chrome Dev Editor (CDE) and open the chromeapp folder. Right click chromeapp and create a New File named manifest.json. Write the following code :-
{ "name": "PolyChrome", "version": "0.0.1", "manifest_version": 2, "description": "My First Polymer Chrome App", "icons": { "…

Shock as Bangladesh defeat India by 79 runs

It was the Bangladesh tigers who emerged victorious against their rivals India. The result comes in a bit of a shock to the cricketing world considering the difference in the star power of the two teams. This was fourth time in their history that Bangladesh had emerged victorious against their neighbors . In a packed Shere Bangla Stadium, Bangladesh won the toss and elected to bat on what looked like a good batting surface.
The decision seemed to be a correct one as openers Tamim Iqbal and Soumya Sarkar shared a century stand between them. Both batsmen in the process scored their respective half centuries. The fall of first wicket lead to a sort of collapse of the tigers as they lost 4 wickets in a span of forty four runs.
From 0-102 the score now read 4-146. It seemed that Bangladesh were in the verge to waste their perfect start until an 83 run stand between Shakib al Hasan and Shabbir Rahman for the 5th wicket brought them back in the match. Healthy contributions from Nasir Hossain a…

#2 Getting Ready

Welcome back guys, in this tutorial you will be setting the coding environment. So let's directly jump into it. As I am a big fan of Google, so I will be using Chrome Dev Editor. Download it here.

Chrome Dev Editor (CDE) is a developer tool for building apps on the Chrome platform – Chrome Apps and Web Apps. CDE has support for writing applications in JavaScript or Dart, and has Polymer templates to help you get started building your UI. CDE also has built-in support for Git and Bower.

Although CDE has built-in support for Bower, I recommend you to start the project from scratch. And for all those who don't know about Bower, in short, it is a package manager for the web. It keeps a track of these packages in a manifest, bower.json
But for this you will be needing Node.js and npm.  npm is a NodeJS package manager. As its name would imply, you can use it to install node programs. Also, if you use it in development, it makes it easier to specify and link dependencies.
After you are …

#1 Overview

Hey have you been ? It's been a long time since I posted any article. So this time, I have come up with some stuff to fill the 'Coding' tab of this blog. I was learning how to build Chrome Packaged Apps... and recently at Google I/O'15 , Polymer v1.0 was released.
So the Good News : You will be learning to integrate Polymer with Chrome, but the Bad News   : I will be using Polymer v0.5 .
This post briefly describes some hot keywords you need to know if you are working with Polymer.So let's get started with POLYMER 101. What is Polymer ?Polymer is NOT a framework. As quoted from -- "Polymer is a pioneering 'library' that makes it faster and easier than ever before to build beautiful applications on the web.Polymer is the embodiment of material design for the web." "Polymer is built on top of a set of powerful new web platform primitives called Web Components." Now what the heck are Web Components ?Web Components ar…

Facing Feminism

Feminism is still a highly controversial topic. Feminism these days has become more of fashionable trend to stick with, and some people support it without even knowing anything about it. On the other hand some feminists are looked upon with daunting stares or weird glances because there are so many stereotypes and myths associated with the concept. There are so many misconceptions surrounding feminism that it believes in excessive superiority of female over male, feminists fight for matriarchy, hate men and much more. People without knowing what actually feminism is all about criticize it. Hence it is necessary to first understand what feminism is. First of all it is very important to understand that female, femininity and feminist are three entirely different things. Female is a biological concept which is determined from the very birth. Femininity is a social construct; it is a set of societal norms and traits associated with a woman. Whereas feminists are people who participate in t…