#2 Getting Ready

Welcome back guys, in this tutorial you will be setting the coding environment. So let's directly jump into it. As I am a big fan of Google, so I will be using Chrome Dev Editor. Download it here.

Chrome Dev Editor (CDE) is a developer tool for building apps on the Chrome platform – Chrome Apps and Web Apps. CDE has support for writing applications in JavaScript or Dart, and has Polymer templates to help you get started building your UI. CDE also has built-in support for Git and Bower.

Although CDE has built-in support for Bower, I recommend you to start the project from scratch. And for all those who don't know about Bower, in short, it is a package manager for the web. It keeps a track of these packages in a manifest, bower.json

But for this you will be needing Node.js and npm. 
npm is a NodeJS package manager. As its name would imply, you can use it to install node programs. Also, if you use it in development, it makes it easier to specify and link dependencies.

After you are done with installation of node.js, open the "node js command prompt" (not the node.js window), and run the following command :-

npm install -g bower

It will look like this...

And there you go, you are ready to make your first chrome app in the Next Tutorial.

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