Facing Feminism

Feminism is still a highly controversial topic. Feminism these days has become more of fashionable trend to stick with, and some people support it without even knowing anything about it. On the other hand some feminists are looked upon with daunting stares or weird glances because there are so many stereotypes and myths associated with the concept. There are so many misconceptions surrounding feminism that it believes in excessive superiority of female over male, feminists fight for matriarchy, hate men and much more. People without knowing what actually feminism is all about criticize it. Hence it is necessary to first understand what feminism is.
First of all it is very important to understand that female, femininity and feminist are three entirely different things. Female is a biological concept which is determined from the very birth. Femininity is a social construct; it is a set of societal norms and traits associated with a woman. Whereas feminists are people who participate in the struggle of feminism, it is a political phenomenon and feminists can be male or female, anyone who supports feminism irrespective of gender.

Feminism began as a movement which fought for equality and gained enormous popularity in 1960s. It advocates that women are entitled to the same rights as men and should be treated as par with men. In no way does feminism demands women’s superiority over men. The issue of caste, class and gender bias all are dealt within this movement that made it so popular and revolutionizing.
                  The feminist struggle is against patriarchy and not against men. Feminists do not wish to establish matriarchy or hate men; all they want is to inhabit a place where they are not treated as goods.

Being liberal or modern cannot be associated with feminism, they are very different streaks. A person who is liberal in his views may have arguments and beliefs that do not support feminism. While some often take as the two being synonyms they aren’t in reality.  For eg. Someone might support infidelity and call their views liberal or modern but that isn’t what feminism comprises of.

Just because a few women have achieved their goals fighting against patriarchy doesn’t mean the struggle of a feminist is over, because these women have achieved their ambitions because patriarchy allowed them to so that it can be cited as examples of how everything has changed now and feminism is a futile struggle, but the truth is; Feminism is a struggle for every woman and not just selective, privileged ones.

These were some key facts about feminism that you must know before you decide to criticize it or take sides. Feminism is more than a belief, a struggle, a movement. Feminism is much more.

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