Is it so easy to throw away a precious life?

Three recent suicide cases have totally left our nation perplexed and in a state of despair. The twitter comic Akhil Mehta who was an inspiration for many people, a man so full of life that nobody would have ever guessed that he could commit suicide, the young AIIMS doctor, Priya Vedi who was an independent and well educated woman but could find solace only in suicide and lastly Gajendra Singh the farmer who gave away his life in front of thousands of people in a live rally. It makes me wonder is it so easy to throw away a very precious life?

No doubt we live in a world full of problems and annoying people, there are so many things happening around us that we don’t really appreciate of but is ending one’s life the only possible solution to all this. Life has never been fair to anyone but we have to battle our way out and live it to the fullest. Everyone has their own sets of mistakes, regrets and problems. You must be dealing with a lot of stuffs in your life too, but that does not mean you are the only one suffering on this planet or all the sorrows has been showered upon you. No, you are certainly wrong if this is what you think because there are many like you thinking just the same thing. Someone has relationship issues, some people are going through economic crisis or career related problems, family, friends etc. etc. trust me the list is endless but that doesn't give us the right to go into our closest of perennial depression and throw away our lives.

You may at times feel that nobody cares for you, nobody loves you and nobody will give a damn if you cease to exist and this over-thinking will end up resulting in you having a total existential crisis. It isn't true, the reality is knowingly or unknowingly in our day to day mundane life we do touch other lives and make place in other people’s hearts. We have our family, friends, beloved and a whole extended circle that is full of people who genuinely love and care for us or even. We may not realize how deeply we have affected someone by a small gesture or left deep imprints in somebody’s life. There will be people who admire you and love you from all their heart but don’t have the courage to confess it and if you take away your life one day suddenly it will adversely affect their world too. How can you be so selfish to take somebody’s smile away with your life?

You never know what future beholds you? What if it all these problems were destined to end soon but you became impatient and gave up? I personally believe more in free will than pre-destination, so everything is in your hands. You make or break yourself, so get up and take in charge of your happiness from this very day on-wards. Yes I understand your problems won’t go away with a magical stroke in a second but how on earth can you give away without even trying?

Just do not give up so soon… you will totally find a way to make everything right. If you can muster up courage to end up this life, you can surely utilise the same courage to live it and experience the joy!

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