The Stolen Thunder: Indian Women Hockey team makes the nation proud

Switch on the radio, TV or surf through the internet all your eyes will catch is stories about the Indian Cricket team, glorifying each and every match they played, every run they made and every wicket they took. All sorts of slogans from “Bleed Blue” to “We won’t give it back” and the latest and most adored “mauka mauka” advertisements are published and seen everywhere.

But unfortunately nobody is talking about the spectacular victory of Indian Women Hockey Team at Hero FIH Women’s Hockey World League Round by giving Poland a thrashing defeat of 3-1. Their thunder has been stolen and the media is always stealing their thunder and giving it to our cricketers.  The Women’s Hockey Team made our nation so proud and no one even heard about it. Our team was dominant throughout the tournament and played exceedingly well. They scored 39 goals and conceded only 1. However there were no celebrations, crackers bursting on media coverage at this event. The news was headlines at some news channels for some time but then again replaced by the anticipation news that our great cricket players may bring back the laurels to the nation.

It is highly disappointing to see that one hand one sport is not only getting all the limelight but also taking away the spot light of other sports. Any damn news about cricket will be published on the very front page but all the other sports are seldom acknowledged. Hockey is our national sport but is even not getting the praise and media coverage that it well deserves. We see news channels spending exorbitant amount of money in getting experts to discuss at the panels about the team, analyzing every move the team makes for the gentlemen’s game Cricket but no such thing happened for Women’s Hockey. There were no interviews from the players or their fans, nothing at all. I bet you can’t even take 5 names of the Women Hockey team’s player. Can you?

Well this is the problem with our nation. We pay too much attention on one thing and neglect all the other equal or more important things. If media can cover the daily routines of the cricketer’s can’t it at least cover the victorious, glorious moments of these hard working women team hockey players? Why is that there thunder is stolen?

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