Love Thyself: Find your Self-Worth

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"                                                                                     - Oscar Wilde
Do you wake up every morning wondering how you have wasted all these years of your life? How you have achieved nothing and you are nowhere close to your passion or dreams? If yes! Then my friend you suffering from a low self -worth syndrome. Not just you but a majority of people underestimate their potential and worth. People are usually dependent on others to validate their potential and worth; they just don’t have enough confidence and faith in themselves. And it is a very very dangerous phenomenon; it can ruin one’s life.

The problem lies in the whole notion of being worthy, we usually end up setting an idealistic goal for us, achieving which becomes synonym of being tagged as worthy and when we fail to do that we feel we are worthless and cannot do anything in this world. This is a false notion, we are born on this beautiful planet for a purpose and that purpose should revolve around keeping oneself happy not others. If you are happy with being a photographer or dancer then it doesn't matter what the world thinks about you. Stop searching for excuses that will make you unhappy and snatch away your confidence. Actively pursue the things that make you happy, only when you are happy and you love yourself, you will be able to make others happy and love you. A cribbing, reluctant and depressed person is not considered amiable at all. Just get rid of all the excuses that makes you feel you don’t deserve happiness or you can’t be happy. Jot down all the points on a sheet of paper and strike out each of them, because your happiness and self-worth are in your hands.

If you think you are useless because you don’t have any special talents or skills then you are wrong again, because we all our born talented and all we need to do is search for that skills within us. You may not be as artistic as your friend or as intelligent as your sibling but that doesn't make you any less valuable. You must be having some other special qualities which you are unable to see because you are busy crying about what you don’t have instead of celebrating what you do have. Once you are convinced that what you are doing is valuable and worthy then you are never looking for escapes.

"Most people with low self esteem have earned it"
- George Carlin 

We all want to be loved, cared and respected by everyone but what we fail to understand is if we ourselves don’t love and respect ourselves then how can we even expect others to do that? Nobody adores a low self-esteem and under confident person. We need to start loving ourselves from this very moment. We don’t need validation from the world to recognize and appreciate our self-worth; we need to believe in ourselves, our instincts and talents.

Love thyself and the world will love you!

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