Capturing the Perfect Picture

This world is full of one category of people – the photographers. These days photography is the most trending event, everybody is busy portraying themselves as great photographers with their DSLR and of course posting all the pictures on their fb photography page. Well I have been recently invited by over 50 of my friends to like their photography pages on Facebook and out of nowhere a lot of them call themselves “Professionals”. Like do you even know what it means? But that isn't my concern, what I feel is we are so damn busy in this world capturing the perfect pictures that we tend to miss living and experiencing those moments in reality.

With all these new apps and social networking sites most of the people are busy uploading the recent pictures of what they were doing than actually witnessing it. Snapchat stories have become an integral part of many lives and life without Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is beyond imagination for majority. I am not asking you to cut off the sources of your virtual world because I am addicted to all this as well but surely it’s time to think that are you actually living your life in real or just busy clicking pictures to upload and show the virtual world what your real world is all about.

Are you too busy clicking and Facebooking and missing out the real fun? I will tell you how, My cousin recently went to Chennai, he would WhatsApp me pictures of his tour every half an hour, and not just one picture but many many pictures. Beaches, malls and everything, after his trip ended I asked him about the most beautiful moment of his journey? He responded let me check the pictures I must have captured it! It was then this thought strike me hard that we waste too much time and energy getting the perfect shot of things that we won’t even see in future instead we should experience those moments in reality. What is the purpose of visiting a place when you can’t even remember the most beautiful memory associated with it and have to scroll through your phones and cameras?

Yes we should definitely take pictures, it is an important part of our memories and all but it does not mean that we click 100 pictures of sea waves, just to capture the essence. A few pictures are enough. Cut down on the number of pictures you click, do not chase to find the picture perfect instead live that perfect moment. You can always Google and find amazing pictures but the sensation and adrenal rush you felt when witnessing those things live can never be recreated. So the next time you take out your camera to click pictures make sure you do it for yourself, your memories and not for your Facebook status and album!

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