Understanding Generation Gap

Out of all the relationships we have, all the people we meet in our life, the closely knit group of Family is an irreplaceable association we have.  The special bond shared between parent-child is the most beautiful bond based on nurture, self-less love and care.  But this is relationship that sees the most ups and downs in our entire journey. Generation Gap is that one facet which has the capability of ruining this precious bond that hence it is very important for us to sit down and have a talk about this with our parents and raise these issues which have the potential of harming this special bond.

The most debatable topic between our parents and us is about the ethics and values, because according to them we are shallow people with no morals but we need to make them understand this isn't true, we have a total different set of perceptions, ethics and with the time, all these things change and we don’t crib about all this all the time and expect them to change completely for us then should also accept this dynamic reality and they should make peace with it. Yes independence and freedom is the call for the hour and our parents cannot be protecting us for always, at a certain point they will have to take this crucial step and letting us be on our own and trust us with that freedom, which we know comes with responsibility. But again, the most common complaint that every parent has with our generation is that we are completely lost and disturbed souls who are careless and don’t have any idea of responsibility. Drinking, smoking and dating doesn't make us stupid and shallow clowns who don’t understand the importance of value education and it is important that we make them understand that we are equally conscious, hardworking and responsible, it’s just that our methodologies aren't same because everything has changed so much in 25 years, but we too will one day sort out everything.

We are not scared of “Log Kya Kahenge”. We are passionate, wild and free, we are the youth brigade whose there to change the society, we cannot let society decide who we are, what we should do and interfere in our life in every possible way.  The importance of societal norms was much more stronger in our parent’s time than in ours and this change ought to be acknowledged cause we are ready to take risks and learn from our own experiences and journey.

The most tortuous lecture starts with “Humare Zamaane mein toh”. I mean yes we do understand you faced a lot of hardships in our life but it doesn't implies that our life is a cake walk with the technology and everything. Al these modern innovations came with their own adverse effects and disadvantages.

There are innumerable topics of discussion between our parents and us but these were the most important ones and I think it is time when we should totally have a talk with them and make them realize it. Because they are the most important part of our life and we will always love love them irrespective of all this. But it’s also true that, Understanding and accepting generation gap is very important for a healthy parent-child relationship. 

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