Holi Hooligans

Holi one of the most awaited festivals, the festival of colours, happiness and prosperity is here. Everything about the festival is adored, the colours, the sweets, the “bhang wali masti” and definitely my favourite part water balloons. Earlier we used to celebrate this amazing festival in a close knit surrounding of friends and family but now time has changed everything and the level of the festival has also deteriorated.

Apparently, due to a handful of mongers or should I use more sophisticated version of language and say some creepy men the festival has been reduced to an opportunity for eve- teasing, molesting and lechery. Some of the creeps of the society feel Holi is the only opportunity to get close to a girl and just get away with the evergreen dialogue, “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai”. Every time during Holi you must have noticed a lot of such incidents but have become oblivion to all this so that it doesn’t hamper the festivity around you.
People are afraid to step out of their homes, there are special securities enforced near girls colleges and hostels to combat with the Holi Hooligans.
It is not cool or adventurous to letch, colour random women against their will. People throw chemical colours, grease, and use dirty water to play Holi. For God Sake! Stop doing this. You have no idea what adverse effect your one prank can cost on somebody’s life. It is also unacceptable that you hug and grope women on the pretext of the festival. This isn’t the story of only street wanderers or what you call the rustic and barbaric crowd. But men from the most “classy” and the so called “respectable families” too use Holi as a weapon to humiliate and harass women, and the most absurd thing is all this is done in front of everybody, their own families but no one has the courage to speak up because somehow everything is legitimised on the pretext of this festival and if you have a problem with this then Lady, it’s your fault you should have had been home because men will be men. This is not what Holi should be all about.

I am not advocating a fun- frolic environment devoid celebration of the festival but to celebrate it with responsibility. Play, sing, dance and throw balloons but make sure you do not cross any line while doing this. Celebrate the festival with a positive environment not in a dreadful environment where women are afraid to step out of their home. Be little sensible and sensitive so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful and auspicious festival.

A very happy and safe Holi to all !!!

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