Freedom Of Expression

Have you ever thought about how is that some of your ideas and views are perfectly fine to express and others are censored? Especially after the much hyped AIB Knockout controversy didn't it ever haunt you that who decides what is to be censored and what not? There is a difficulty in determining how the right to freedom of expression is to be exercised.

We are free to express ourselves but in a certain decent, moral and polite manner which is not offensive and abusive to any other group. There is a very thin line between satire and sadism. When you mock at someone who is very vulnerable, depressed, poor or sick then it is not a funny thing, it is not something you should laugh about and be satirical about, it is sadism. Does it not make you wonder that just for the sake of exercising your right you are not supposed to hurt anyone else’s feelings and sentiments? There are various adverse effects of Freedom of Expressions, because of freedom of expression on one level we can have different viewpoints and respect all of them and on the other side for some it is just a weapon to speak rudely and delivering hateful speech. Hate speeches often lead to communal violence etc.  Sometimes, it is also used as a tool to State’s propaganda. So, on some level we can agree that we need some sort of law and order ruling this to keep everything calm and organised. We should not only focus on the technicality and legal aspect of freedom of expression but also the political scenario behind it. Some might say the society themselves possess enough restrictions on itself to safeguard the interest of every individual, there is already a lot of hypocrisy and degeneracy but others may disagree with it. It has multiple folds, in our society some people have their own opinions while the deprived sections are not even aware of this freedom and are far away from exercising it.

There arise multiple problems here, to what extents are you supposed to restraint your voice and who decides all this and on what basis? These are debatable questions which can be answered variously. But practically, we can conclude Freedom of expression is a dynamic phenomenon not stagnant; it flows according to the socio - economic and political background. One should always approach one’s rationality to decide on such a complicated topic as the emotional faculties are more likely to sway here and there very often.

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