Patriotism or Pretence ?

Jawaharlal Nehru’s words on the midnight of 14th August 1947, gave the country called India a new life. It was transformed from being a “sone ki chidiya” to “azad panchi”. The whole country men were requested to serve the nation, take a pledge to contribute their part as an individual to serve the society and everyone happily swore to it. But somewhere down the road people have actually forgotten the meaning and essence of all those pledges.

As the 69th Independence Day just passed away and all the social networking sites and media proudly professed about our freedom and independence, I wonder if these feelings are genuinely patriotic or just a pretence to blend with the crowd and go with the ‘trend’?

Majority of people if given an opportunity would like to find an escape route to abroad and happily leave the so called beloved ‘motherland’ behind without any signs of remorse or sadness. Why is our patriotism just reduced to a status which is expressed on particular days and then forgotten until the very same day arrives next year? A lot of us proudly study at reputed institutions in this country and then in a blink of eye take all our experience and educational qualification with ourselves to an alien country and serve them. Why cannot we do that for our own nation?

We are the “Proud Indians” when we see our flag waiving high and our country’s name shining in the world, we want our nation to progress and change but at the same time we do not want to do anything from our side that can lead to any significance changes. There are so many evils still persisting in our country that we can easily count and blame everything on bad governance, not responsible law and order etc. etc. as there is no end to our blame game. But the point is if we are in desperate need of solutions to these problems then instead of searching for them we should try to create them. Have we ever wondered about our role in the society?

We have got a beautiful, diverse nation that deserves love, respect and contribution from all of us. So let us all take a pledge again today to serve our nation, to give it all that we can, to make it a place worth living for all of us. So that we do not have to pretend that we love our country on specific days but in reality feel well about it from within every second of our life and never want to leave this place ever.


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