Key to Happiness

We are in a constant battle in our life. There is an emptiness, a vacuum created. There is a constant search for happiness, a search for all those things that will make one happy. We run collecting and buying everything that we associate with happiness, but what we forget is that happiness isn't a destination that you can reach. It is a state of mind that you can have all the time. Happiness isn't a place but it's what you experience. So shed out all the past burdens and live for today.

There is no secret way to happiness that you can master but there are certainly certain steps you can take to increase the happy quotient of your life. So follow these special keys and live happily!

1. Optimistic Outlook

Pave way for positive emotions in your life, experience them around you, live these emotions. You should focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Throw out the negativity surrounding you. It will enhance your output and help you in preforming better. But this doesn't mean losing onto the realistic approach, familiarize with reality and accept it as it is.

2. Be comfortable in your own skin

Stop pretending to be someone you are not! Nobody is born prefect or top please others. Accept yourself the way you are. Do not focus and dwell only upon your flaws, instead try to turn them into your strengths. God has made everybody different and it is for a reason, so search for your reason and leave all your fears behind. 

3. Search for the purpose of your life

We all have a purpose to fulfill, search for yours. Do not wander around without a motive, do what makes your adrenal rush, what makes your heart beat faster and most importantly do what you love, what you are passionate about. The immense happiness you will get by doing what you desire is beyond words. Feel good about yourself, about your dream.

4. Always be a keen learner

Life is a great teacher and as we all know that life gives us the test first and then teaches you the most important lesson. So the best way to cope up with the ups and downs of life is to be a keen learner. Accept all your mistakes and forgive others mistakes. Don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and always be curious and inquisitive. Learning has a positive, healing effect on our body. 

5. Pamper yourself

Never take your body for granted, it needs to relax as well. Set up a particular time on a daily basis where you spend some time with yourself, listen to your inner voice and cater to your bodily needs. Pick up your favorite magazine, plug in your headphones and disconnect the world for some time. Eat healthy, live healthy and take a good nap.

6. Socialize with others

Text, whats app and call your long lost friends. Fix up a night out or a movie outing and catch up with them. Having and maintaining healthy relations with everybody  is very important for everybody's life. We open to those whom we are close with. So stretch out for the never ending support of family and friends. Take vital steps to bond and make new connections.

7. Serve others

Caring is sharing. Help the needy people around you. Volunteer at any NGO or other organisations working for the welfare of humanity. It will channel all your energy in the right direction and boost up your confidence and will make you feel good about yourself.

8. Don't be judgmental

 Do not carry forward a judgmental attitude. Do not see faults in anyone around you. Stop criticizing everybody. Even if someone did a terrible thing to you, forgive them, do not hold grudges and let it go. Acceptance and forgiveness will make you grow as a person and enhance your self love too.  

9. Do you a good deed everyday 

It is not difficult to do one good thing everyday but you do not realize how many lives you have touched by doing that one simple act of love and care. not only will you inspire others around you to do the same but also it will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. It need not be a something huge but a small task as watering plants can also work wonder.

10. Be grateful to people who hold importance in your life

Be thankful to the people who have touched your lives. Do not keep everything inside yourself, speak your heart out. Call and meet up with the special people of your life. Thank you isn't a mere word but also reflects a your beautiful soul.

11. Seek medication if required

If there is something that is stopping you from being happy and you cannot comprehend it is better to seek medical help. It can be a trivial issue or some serious medical disorder and it is well known that "Prevention is better than cure". So do not risk your life and happiness and consult a trustworthy doctor today.

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