5 Ways to exercise without putting extra efforts

In this extremely busy life, we often fall short of time to devote to the basic needs of our survival. We have started to care less for ourselves, our fitness but it's time that we take back the commands of out life in our hands. What if you don't have time to workout at gym and run across the park, there are plenty of odd jobs at home that will keep fit. So here's a list of work that will keep you in shape without putting extra efforts.

1. Work in your garden 

Water your plants on a regular basis every morning and evening. Get rid of your lazy attitude and be ready to shake that heaving mower all across the lawn. It will be a great workout for you.

2. Ditch lifts and escalators for staircase

Malls, apartments, metros, hotels and at a number of other places you must have ditched the staircase. Now it's the time to pay back tribute to the old staircase. Yes! it will need a certain amount of struggle to leave the luxury and step up but you know it yourself that it is totally worth it.

3. Clean your house

Not just the normal cleaning of dusting and all but the proper cleaning of house. Give your house a new look, move the furniture here and there, clean the walls. At the end, not only will you be rewarded by a beautiful house but also you will end shedding some extra kilos.

4. Do the local sight-seeing

Have you ever wondered that you really don't even the area you live in properly? Take out some time from your busy schedule and take a walk around the nearby area, explore new things with your friends. It will be a fun filled exercise.

5. Wash your vehicle

Car, two-wheeler or a van, all the vehicles will give you a hard time. Make it a habit of cleaning it frequently, not only will it make your journey worth all the efforts you put in but also you will have to sweat a lot and burn a lot of calories. So go for it !

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