Tips for Amateur Coders

To all my friends who have just started coding... here is a small but useful list of tips for you to become an expert. For every new thing we start, a proper guidance is needed to prepare the fundamentals, so that we keep moving on the right track. Same goes for Programming.

So for the better future of our coding life , here we go :

Make yourself comfy

Coding is an intensive process that demands great deal of concentration. So it's better to find a comfortable place to work in or else make one. Sitting for hours, in front of PC, coding and figuring out why that nasty bug came up ( I know that feel ), it aches the neck.  This will help you set up your working desk.
And if you are like me, listen to songs while coding.Well, that works wonders, atleast for me.

Who wrote that shitty code ?

Yes that happens to me too. But that's not a trait of a good programmer."Understand what you write". A good practice is to write comments or create Readme files. This helps you to understand and decode later ( also your co-workers will not get irritated ).

Efficient Coding

As a beginner, writing a manageable code is tough. This comes from experience and lots of research. Refactor plays a major role in this. Formatting code like using indents, taking care of closed braces,etc. is necessary.

Save Time

Many amateur coders face problems tackling complex problems. An easy way is to write small, working code and test your code for errors. "Test your code again and again for bugs, learn to debug.". Not to deviate from the point, a good practice is to make snippets or templates. This will actually and definitely save your time, but be sure to have already known those concepts.

And as you learn..

To become a confident coder, you can initially turn off auto-complete [use Notepad]. Don't just watch videos and copy-paste. Write the code by yourself , that will make your concepts clear.
Once you are comfortable with what line-of-code you are going to write next, you may move on to use softwares like Sublime Text or Eclipse [ Ctrl +Space , remember ?].
Another dilemma faced by "species" like us is that: should I learn "xyz" language too ? My advice would be to focus on one language at a time but have some basic knowledge of others too.

My life's so boring 

It is amazing, believe me. No one can compete programmers.Motivate yourself. Don't break down. Seek out a mentor or someone who you admire like a senior or a close friend. Now say with me "I will win , not immediately, but definitely." Yeah that's the spirit.

Want to Become an expert ?

Experience comes with practice. Write the idea whenever u get it. Don't hesitate to take up a side-project, work on it in weekends. Become a part of some communities, easiest way is Google+.
Internet is a great resource to learn ( if you want to, you know what I mean ).
Exploring Github and other libraries will help a lot. And trust me, Stackoverflow has a solution to everything.

Keep yourself Updated 

Here is a list of some of my favorite sites :

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