Project Soli: NextGen Gesture Control

When you surf the net, every now and then you stumble upon something that just mesmerizes you to the point where you begin to feel its unreal. Well something like this happens when you get to know what Google's ATAP(Advanced Technology And Projects) has been planning recently in field of Gesture control, Project Soli.

It is Google's Radar based gesture control technology, that can in a very literal sense, control anything mechanical. At a time when most of the gesture controls can be termed inaccurate or unreliable.(In some cases even sloppy). Google has come up with an enticing example of how powerful Gesture control can actually be. At the very basic level, motion controller were brought to existence to make user interfaces more interesting and intuitive, and open new windows of opportunities for designers and developers.
Small segment of Project Soli demo video
To which the ATAP team took a pretty unique approach with this technology. Instead of using a camera based system they used a Radar. A Radar the detects motion through a signal of continuous high frequency radio waves. These waves capture motion up to 10k frames per second, making it a perfect example of real time gesture control.

The best part of this project is that, In the current form, Soli is just a chip which can be embedded in objects to make them gesture controllable. Above is an example of gesture control on an analog radio. In a similar fashion it can be used for gestures interfaces in many traditional devices.
The scope for it  is endless and it is really intriguing how Google approaches with it..

Here is the Amazing video that caught my eye..

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