Selfie With Daughter – A new platform for change

#SelfieWithDaughter is an initiative by PM Narendra Modi to bring about a social change, a change in mind sets of millions of people, to break the attitudinal wall covering the opinions and thinking of the majority in our nation. It is a campaign to stop sex selection abortions, in this campaign the PM has requested fathers to post selfie’s with their daughters and post it with #SelfieWithDaughter. 

It is a different way of bringing change, a method that would bring change by elements within the dominant forces in the society rather than the usual ones where outside forces are used. It does not instigate any kind of rebel or protest but is a simple way of looking at a girl child through the lens of respect, love and care by the society. It asks people to care, nurture and love their girl child and fills everyone’s heart with emotions. Unlike earlier initiative’s to protect a girl child or for educating a girl child which was depicted as a necessity for a developing nation, this one brings a new outlook all together where it is shown that it is the natural instinct of parents to care for the girl child and look for her welfare rather than as a duty towards state for being a nation.

But the main question is this campaign strong enough to bring about a change in society? A change for equality is not something that can be achieved overnight miraculously. Any social change is a long process, it is an inevitable journey that will have its own drawbacks, its own ups and downs but it will finally achieve a state of being where even though it won’t completely vanish but will at least be diluted to such residual limits that it won’t adversely affect the society.

Any social change that took place ever was not implemented in a day, it stood the test of time and gradually occurred. Similarly this campaign may not change things instantly but it is surely an initiative towards bringing about a remarkable change. It is a new template, a new way to bring about the change. It needs to be encouraged despite the criticism it is facing.

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