The Victim Card

How many times in life have you played the card of being a victim? There have been incidents in our lives that have left scars on our souls that cannot be healed and does not even fade away with passage of time, scars that are deep buried down slowly but can be refreshed again with a little remembrance and these are the scars that make people believe they are different from others.

A belief, a notion that they are victims due to these particular incidents and they just can’t get over with it. People build a safe wall around them, they construct a strong layer and won’t let anyone break that wall and enter the nice warm nest they inhabit. But mostly very conveniently they put the victim card in front and blame those certain incidents in their life for all the shortcomings and failures they face in the future. They think their cocoons make them special and they can keep blaming everything on their regressive or dark past but it is not true.

Everyone has been a victim once or more in their lives it is just that some people choose to establish all their future on those incidents and others get over them. People play sympathy card to win hearts with their victim card but is senseless. Your passivity and weakness doesn’t make you any more unique or special than everybody else, it just highlights how incapable you are of handling your own life.

Heroic stories are not those in which you have suffered and given up but those in which you were able to rise again and carry yourself with dignity without letting the past shackle around your neck and hold you back. What makes you special is your optimism towards life, your strength and determination to live in spite of all the hardships and constructing yourself again despite being a victim. So playing the victim card may get you empathy and sympathy for some time but in the long run you have to break free and fill your life with all the positivity around you, be grateful about all the good news that ever happened to you and create your heroic tale with a happy ending.

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